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Long, long ago, some friends and I ran a half marathon.
Well. I didn’t really RUN, it was more of a walk/run with a lot of walking because it was HOT AF in Pasadena and my knee was being weird and…you know what?
Let’s go with I *FINISHED* a half marathon.

When I was training, there was this girl Crystal who apparently saw me as her competition.
Honestly. I have no idea why. I’m not very fast (unless something/somebody is actually chasing me), and I DIDN’T. EVEN. KNOW. HER.
But when we’d train, she’d pace me and then right before the end she would sprint past me EVERY SINGLE RUN.
I mean. I guess if that’s how you motivate yourself, you should do you. But it wasn’t like she was gonna win a prize for beating me specifically.

The day of the run, we get in the pack of people to start, blah blah blah, AAAAND we’re all off!
I’m starting off fine and maybe a mile or so into the run, who sprints past me, smirking and waving? CRYSTAL!
In my head, I’m like REALLY? REALLY THO?
But whatever. I have miles and MILES to go (13.1 to be exact) and I didn’t care enough* to make this a competition against me and her.
Also, I’m running with a friend, so I’m chilling.

BUT THEN, my friend, started having some issues said she was gonna walk

go on

SO. I did. Popped in my headphones and put a little more pep in my step.
When I (eventually) got to the finish line, I waited for her.
She was a lot further back than I thought. But then. THERE SHE GO!
And then we realize it’s NOT HER. It’s CRYSTAL.
And Crystal was VERY disappointed to realize that *EYE* crossed the finish line first.

And so today’s BHFOTD is about being second.
Yes. TECHNICALLY yesterday’s story was ALSO about being the second to do something, BUT.
Montana wasn’t even a state when the first black person did it, FFS!

Anyways. Let’s talk about Kellee Edwards!

Kellee Edwards is a pilot, scuba diver and adrenaline junkie who loves to explore by land, air and sea. Her level of enthusiasm for wanting to explore the world, her daredevil (yet stylish) Instagram posts, and desire to try just about anything that thrills her, landed her her own show earlier this year on the Travel Channel. Her show Mysterious Islands, which debuted on the network October 10th, takes viewers on the hunt to find the best bargains, private beaches and magical experiences on the planet’s lesser-known islands. Kellee is the only Black woman featured right now on the television network (and the second in history. Queen Latifah was the first!)

“It’s also no secret that the travel media has been dominated by older white males for so long. It’s not a space that they should own and solely represent any longer. I’ve been well received and welcomed by some of your favorite TV hosts and they make it known that they are rooting for me. Being a black woman in the adventure travel space is even more isolated and I’m glad I’ve been given a platform and opportunity to show that I can do it just as well.”

You never know. Maybe one day they’ll have third black person with their own show. And then maybe one day WE WON’T HAVE TO COUNT THEM BECAUSE WE’LL BE PROPERLY REPRESENTED. (*cough*)

So that’s today’s fact! Sometimes being first means you can help somebody else be second. And sometimes being second just means you’re the first loser. I’ll leave you to figure out which statement goes with which story! Happy Friday, kids. Go out and be great!


*I really didn’t. But I’m not going to lie and tell you that I didn’t get an IMMENSE amount of pleasure watching her face fall on the ground when she saw me already at the finish line, eating a banana and drinking some chocolate milk. You know why? Because I’m petty. I’m also not sorry.


Once upon a time…
My sisters (including the sister/cousin) and I crashed a cruise with my mama and her sisters

To be fair, they hardly ever saw us.
We spent a majority of the cruise at the beach or drinkin’ or drinkin’ at the beach and occasionally we shopped.
But I’m pretty we shopped because we got ran outta the water by jellyfish. Don’t ask.
Just know that if you go to Haiti, it’s beautiful and the people are very nice (SHUT UP. You know who you are)
And they have jellyfish the size of small animals.

We had a great time. Aside from the jellyfish incident.
People who cruise are generally super nice; everybody is there to have a good time.
Especially the Librarians I met. MAN, those librarians could party.
HOW do I know they were Librarians? They were wearing matching shirts.
They were on vacation! They were in the ship casinos and the bars and the clubs partying it up. Woo!

AND THEN. I ended up in line with one of them, and this lady turned to talk to me only…
I did not understand a word the lady said. NOT ONE!
I was so confused!
So was she!
I was wearing a similarly colored shirt to hers, so I think she thought I was with their party.
I was not.
And then I got a GOOD look at her shirt.
And it did NOT say LIBRARIAN.



ANYWAYS. Today is the VERY! FIRST! DAY! of February, so…

You know why

That’s right, kids! Welcome to your first BHFOTD.
And since I like firsts on the first, let’s talk about Wilmot Collins. First Black mayor of Helena!

Wilmot Collins, Liberian-born American (who is also a Libra and I don’t care if that’s not important to anyone but me) and FIRST black person to be elected mayor of any city in the history of Montana since statehood** He defeated four-term incumbent mayor James E. Smith (R) in the 2017 mayoral election on November 7, 2017. I wonder why the incumbent lost*** ::insert thinking emoji here::

Collins fled his native Liberia for Helena in 1994, as a refugee from the First Liberian Civil War. He had petitioned for refugee status to join his wife, who had moved to Montana two years before he did. He subsequently became a United States citizen, and worked for the Montana Department of Health and Human Services, specializing in child protection. For two decades, he has been a member of the United States Navy Reserve. Through the years, Collins and his family have faced their “fair share” [::side eye:: Fair Share?] of racism, saying, “people marked our home with ‘KKK’ and ‘Go back to Africa.’” Others tried to burn his car. But he wasn’t deterred to run for office to help ALL Helena residents.

“It bothered me a lot as a former refugee myself to hear some of the things being said about refugees [by trump – yes. I removed the capitalization. Eff that guy. ],” Collins said. “But what I think the community is saying is, ‘we don’t care about the color of your skin, your creed, your sexual orientation, we are looking for the best possible candidate to move us forward’ and they believed I was the one.”

So there you go. Look at Black people WHO ARE ALSO IMMIGRANTS making history. And ALSO making Black History.
Sorry today’s fact was so long. I never know how much I’m gonna say until I start sayin’ it.

Hope you enjoyed today’s BHFOTD! And if not, I’LL BE HERE ALL MONTH.


* Hi there new folks (if there ARE in fact, new folks), one stereotype I like to uphold is that this particular black person likes music (and watermelon but that’s a story for another day). That means that I’ll add music to these facts whenever I feel like it. AND I PICK WHATEVER KIND OF MUSIC I WANT. And I do love me some MCR. Please to enjoy with me. Or not. But since I write the fact Ima do what I want.

** In 1873, pre-statehood Montana elected the first black mayor of any city in the territory of Montana with the election of E. T. Johnson, a black barber from Washington, D.C. Johnson’s victory occurred before Montana had become a state or Helena had been officially incorporated as a city. So. It took Montana 144 years before they elected another black person to bring the total to TWO.

*** sarcasm font = comic sans font