I do! One of my oldest friends (oldest) baby love is getting hitched! And I’m goin’ down to North Carolina (I’ve already told someone that I’m specifically bringing a white tee to spin over my head so not sorry in advance)


Issa two-fer. Her (oldest) baby is having a baby! So I am ALSO going to a baby shower! I am very excited seeing all my friends become grannies. HOT ASS GRANDMAS to be sure, but grandmas nonetheless. (But not me! I remain a favorite auntie, hallelu!)

Occasionally I drop the veil at work and I was talking to one of the researchers about going to a baby shower and a wedding all in one weekend and she’s from Miami and y’all. She told me that in Miami the men usually go to the baby showers but also they have DANCERS?!

We had a whole ass conversation about it because girl, what? I’m pregnant and you bringing a flat bellied, big booty bitch (this is a compliment, but STILL) clacking her heels and I can’t even see my FEET?! AND the baby shower is all night?! Because the show don’t start until like 10pm after the parents leave and stuff? I just…no. I’m pregnant. I’m tired. Also? I’m from California. We close. We go to bed here. I’m day party age. I want to be home by 8 pm (those of you who are fixing to bring festivals into this, SHUT YOUR HOLES. That doesn’t count.)

She was like, GIRL, you gotta go at least once and THAT, my friends, is the sound of me getting to the point. Because did you know that in 2023, the Florida NAACP called for Travel Advisory to Florida in response to the African American Studies ban? They’re urging the Black Community to avoid visiting or moving to the state of Florida.

They said y’all not gonna pretend y’all wasn’t mistreating Black Folks. Black history is American History. Or: ” There is no ‘feel-good’ version of the horrors and inequalities Black Americans have faced and continue to face. Slavery, Jim Crow and lynchings followed by school segregation, mass incarceration, police brutality houring discrimination, health care disparities, and wage gap are all tough truths to face.” (DAMN. He was not playing with these people AT ALL)

Anyway. Listen. I KNOW. TECHNICALLY this isn’t really a HISTORY fact because it just happened except it is because The Green Book was a thing in these here United States from 1936-1966 and THAT was 57 years ago (and when you think about that’s only 7 years before I was born so not that long ago and fuck y’all for saying that WAS a long ass time ago – you know who you are) but that still counts as HISTORY that in typical (white) US fashion we just KEEP FUCKING REPEATING THE SAME OLD SHIT.

Whew. So anyway. Hope y’all weekend is great. Ummm..I’ll be posting pictures of my weekend because I’m gonna be hanging out with my aces (and the dress I’m wearing to the wedding is fie…no that’s not a typo iykyk). Hope you’re not planning to go to Florida.