Restaurant: fiftyseven (Another soft opening: that’s what HE said)

Food: Fancy, and tiny. They served briya-sized portions.

Me: Fettuccine & lamb. (LAMB! I ate Mary’s friend! And it was not awful!)
I would also like to say that I chose it because it was the least scary thing on the menu.

Nesto: Bratwurst with salsa (?) and pretzel w/mustard (Everything was made in house!)
Everything was pretty good. Didn’t even need extra seasoning (which is good ‘cause there was no salt or pepper on ANY table)
ALSO: They had a pre fixe menu. NO.

People: Hipsters. We actually sat next to a lady wearing all black and a beret. Lived in a loft in the (very sketchy) area.
Gentrification! It’s coming for ALL of LA!

Other stuff: They had a singer downstairs in the club area of this place. She was good from what we could hear while we were eating.
Went downstairs and Mr CrazyPants decided there were too many people for him to remain there.
Something something…Rhode Island Fire (fun fact: I lived in Boston when this happened)

7/10 would recommend. Because menu was only pre fixe or appetizers. And there needed to be an plainer option for people who are not food adventurous