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Yesterday I could not get away from the story of Cecil the lion.
Is it Cess-il as in B. Demille?
Or Cee-sil as in Jackson?
Who the fuck names a lion CECIL?


This story is awful. No animal deserves what happened to Cecil.


Have you considered what the lion did to provoke Mr. Dentist Man?
Okay. Fine. Yes. He had a bow and arrow (and a gun).
Maybe he was roaring and being all threatening?
Maybe THAT’S what killed him. His arrogance. Who told him he was king of the Jungle?

Maybe instead of that large mane, he shoulda got trimmed up all proper like and learned how to meow.
I mean…do we even have all the facts?

What was Cecil doing out of his sanctuary?
He didn’t belong outside of his area.
If he just stayed where he belonged, he’d still be alive today.
Did anybody think of that?

I don’t want you to get me wrong, though.
I care about Cecil. Of course I do! #alllivesmatter #alllionsmatter*

I’m just saying:
If we’re gonna talk about Cecil, we need to talk about how lions kill other lions too.
Because they do. In fact, Jericho (the next lion in charge) will probably kill all Cecil’s cubs.
Because bloodline is serious business. Even in the animal kingdom.
I don’t see anybody talking about THAT.
I mean. Cecil was a major tourist draw at Zimbabwe’s Hwange National Park.
And now he’s dead.
But maybe lions need to stop killing each other TOO.

And while I’ve got this platform to discuss lion murder…
I have one other thing to say:
I think that the media really needs to stop with this death porn.
How many times can one person look at violated dead black bodies dead lions?
YES. He was skinned and decapitated.
How many times do I have to look at pictures of Cecil’s body lying dead and bloodied?
I mean WHY would you…say what now?
You haven’t seen any pictures of Cecil’s skinned beheaded corpse?


*S/O to MochaMomma for the use of her hashtag

“If YOU legally carry a gun into a store there’s a high possibility that your black ass will get shot because you are a black man carrying a gun into a store in Georgia”

…wouldn’t it?

bang bang

(I’m just sayin‘)