I hope you enjoyed my tour through black history month! USUALLY I have more time, but THIS HAS BEEN A BUSY MONTH. And I’m only one person.

It happens. But I feel like I’ve failed you! I didn’t even give you your annual Why I Hate Disney post!

I mean to be honest, I could still do that easily. Between the surge pricing to go to Disneyland AND the insane amount of money it costs to eat crappy pizza and…

You know what? I’m not going to do that this year.*

But I WILL talk about why I do this. Because [full offense] people need to know that Black History doesn’t begin with Harriet Tubman and end with Reverend Dr. Martin Luther (the) King, Junior. And here some people *cough*whitepeople*cough* tell it, dassit it. DO BETTER, SCHOOLS.

And ‘cause trick love the kids y’all. I believe the children are our future and alladat.

And because I do. I’m ending this year’s BHFOTD with a story about students:

In the third week of April 1969, 100 young Americans in the Afro-American Society (AAS) at Cornell University took part in an illegal occupation of Willard Straight Hall. The takeover was spurred by a faculty-student judicial board’s decision to punish black students for a disruptive protest the previous December, and by a cross-burning at a black women’s dorm. In an attempt to take the building back, white Delta Upsilon fraternity brothers entered the Straight and fought with AAS students in the Ivy Room before being ejected. Fearing further attacks, the black students brought guns into the Straight to defend themselves. Members of Students for a Democratic Society — students far to the left of many of the black students inside — formed a ring around the Straight to lend support.

After the AAS marched out of the Straight a day later, thousands of other students and a core of progressive faculty formed what became known as the Barton Hall Community. This occupation effectively shut down the campus until the faculty reversed its initial position, and ratified the administration’s agreement to drop the penalties from the December protests.

Within Cornell, the takeover has come to be seen as an event that gave birth to enormous social, governance and ideological change. Students assumed campus leadership when galvanized by obvious wrongs that rally a clear majority of students, like the Vietnam War and gun control apartheid.

The end of both, BY THE BY, was hastened by disruptive campus protests. [They’re workin’ on the third thing, guys. Give ‘em time]

ALSO. I guess I’d like to say that it’s interesting how kids are “just kids” until they’re out here doin’ the damn thing. Like kids do. There’s that whole thing about not learning from the past [which clearly some people ::side eye:: have not]. But I’d like to submit that some people ARE learning. And holding lie-ins outside the [VERY] white house. And clapping back on social media. And Ferguson taught them.

ANYWAYS. Thanks for reading “What kind of BS does Briya have to say today?”/ BHFOTD! See you next year, or whenever I feel like work is bullshit and I wanna share some stuffs with y’all, or harass my sissie or whatever. As usual, please note the internet is free and anytime you wanna learn you something you can google that shit up.



*mostly because Disney is on the way to redeeming itself by making an ACTUAL BLACK GIRL PERSON A DISNEY PRINCESS. NOT A FROG. OR A LION. A PERSON.