So, today is Martin Luther (the) King, Jr. Day.

And usually, I write Black History Facts of the Day (BHFOTD) for days like today. Yannow. Days of importance for Black folks and all that. But I used up my really good fact about the Reverend Doctor King on his birthday. So instead, I’m gonna post a real conversation I had with my kid a few years ago:

Kid: So, you have to work on MLK day?
Me: Yep, still on the plantation

Kid: You are silly. But I am going to a ML kegger later on so I guess I’m one to talk.

Me: YES. Just remember that his dream is the reason that you can go get drunk at an “M L KEGGER” with a bunch of white boys


This is me you guys…helping the boy to remember the Martin Luther King, Jr. legacy.
What? Do I always have to be serious? FINE. Here’s a much more serious article about Dr King.