Yeah, so…I totally was rooting for the Seahawks. Not because I am a Seahawk fan…calm your tits, Steeler Nation. I’m still here for y’all!
But I’mma be honest: I am a Richard Sherman fan. I do like me a good shit talker. (And y’all people who know my husband know this to be true). SO.
I cheered for them in spite of Pete Carroll (who I hate, because he ditched USC after he helped screw them into a slew of sanctions)
(and if you don’t think he was part of this BS, I have a bridge in Brooklyn I wanna sell you)
Side rant: Y’all can say what you want about him. He can suck a fat one.

ANYWAYS, todays random story is about how I’m not here to help.
So this one time my cousin (in law) had this completely random argument
in her facebook status…


Yeah, that’s me at the bottom. Not helping at all. BUT! Today’s your lucky day, folks! Because today is the beginning of your BHFOTD! And I’m here to help learn y’all some black history. And since we just had a Super Bowl (48, for those keeping count at home), today’s fact is about football! Sort of a gimme. Because the day after the Super Bowl can be rough. Who’s idea was it to drink that much whiskey anyways?

ANYWAYS: Today’s fact. Russell Wilson, Seahawk QB is the second black QB to win a Super Bowl (43-8). I would also like to point out that the FIRST black QB to win a Super Bowl and the second have something else in common. Aside from being black. And being quarterbacks. And winning Super Bowls. BOTH of these dudes won against Denver Broncos in a blowout (Super Bowl XXII: 42 -10).



WELCOME TO MY TOMFOOLERY FOLKS: It’s that time again. FEBRUARY. BLACK HISTORY MONTH. OR, as one of my friends put it ” If white people have to acknowledge that black people are also important in order to make up for the fact that they have systematically fucked over black people for the entirety of the time span in which they have had any contact with them at all, then dammit white people will ONLY acknowledge black people accomplishments in the shortest month of the year.” It doesn’t roll off the tongue like “Black History Month”, but I kinda like it. 

(Did I mention that I love my friends? Because I really, REALLY do).

ANYWAYS: Stay tuned! As usual, there’s a fact buried in here someplace.