Recently I got a new tattoo. It’s GORGEOUS, guys!
It’s BIG (that’s what she said). It’s a half sleeve.
It’s the state flower of all the places the Marine Corps has dragged my ass
when I was living my life as a Marine Corps wife.
It’s also not finished.

I got it in Berkeley, when I was visiting the boy.
Which means that I’m going back to Cali… Cali..wait. I’m already IN Cali.
I’m going back to the BAY AREA (I’m sorry that I am not sorry. I can never resist. E-40 is always relevant to my interest)
Which yannow. Is COOL because hey! I get to visit the boy.
And get some more work done on my tattoo.

So I get to travel! It’s only an hour flight!
And I most definitely fly. Because I hate driving. And avoid it whenever possible.
Unless of course, I’m riding shotgun. I can passenger like a BOSS.

Anyways, today’s fact is about David Harris. He was the first African American pilot for a major airline in 1964. 1964! Only 50 years ago
David Harris has Marlon Dewitt Green to thank for that! Green was an African-American pilot whose landmark United States Supreme Court decision in 1963 helped dismantle racial discrimination in the American passenger airline industry
that lead to hiring David Harris as the first African-American pilot for a major airline the following year. Green was subsequently hired by Continental Airlines, for whom he flew from 1965 to 1978.

You know who else has Marlon Green to thank?

This guy!* (Hi Maine! Sissie! Cricket! GEEEEOOOOOORRRRGE!)

This guy is Brian Harris, TSU Tiger (I’m so glad, my sis went to T-S-U!), first Black Base Chief Pilot for Atlantic Southeast Airlines!

*I’m pretty sure I took the picture. I can’t be certain because a) it was homecoming weekend with everything that means and b) DO YOU GUYS SEE HOW TALL THIS GUY IS?!

Enjoy your weekend folks! Maybe by Monday, my sissie will have written a fact so that I can take a damn break because I’m gonna be hanging out with my friends this weekend and
not looking for random facts, unless of course one falls into my lap like this one did because I never woulda known about this one if my sissie hadn’t sent me a text telling me
and really those are my favorite kinda facts because I don’t have to do much leg work AND because it’s kinda amazing that in 2014 black people are still being FIRST at things that they
been doing for a long ass time already and just now getting credit/acknowledgement/OPPORTUNITY to do stuff. Post racial America (MAD SIDE EYES)!

Fuck yeah!