Y’all know that I work at a big fancy hospital right? FANCY. We are SOFA KING Fancy up in this place! Hospital to the rich and jackassy famous!

So lemme tell y’all a story about how I found out that Denzel Washington was handsome! (Shaddup. Not everybody thinks he’s gorgeous. I happen to think he has ABNORMALLY LARGE TEETH. And a whole lot of them) ANYWAYS, I was walking to lunch and not watching where I was going (as usual) and some dude was ALSO not watching where he was going plows into me. Luckily he caught me before he threw me to the ground! Then he asked me if I knew where Dr. Keith Black’s office was. Which I didn’t. And because I’m sometimes helpful, I pointed him toward the security guard

 And then 5 minutes later, I was like HEY. THAT WAS DENZEL WASHINGTON*. Huh. He’s not bad looking.



Also: He looks a LOT like Dr Black. Just me? MAYBE WE ALL *DO* LOOK ALIKE.

Today’s riddle! What do Dr Black and today’s BHFOTD have in common? Neurosurgeon-ness!

The details regarding the first African-American neurosurgeon, Clarence Sumner Greene, Sr., have remained in relative obscurity. Born on December 26, 1901 in Washington, D.C., Dr. Greene received his M.D. from the Howard University College of Medicine with distinction in 1936. After 7 years of general surgery residency and 4 years as a professor of surgery at Howard University, he was granted the opportunity by the legendary Wilder G. Penfield to train in neurosurgery at the world-renowned Montreal Neurological Institute from 1947 to 1949. Receiving high praise from Dr. Penfield, Dr. Greene became the first African-American certified by the American Board of Neurological Surgery on October 22, 1953. Subsequently, he was appointed as chair of neurosurgery at Howard University, where he successfully treated intracranial aneurysms, brain tumors, and herniated intervertebral discs until his tragic death in 1957.



*I am allowed to tell this story if I want. It doesn’t violate any patient/doctor confidentiality type situations. And if it did (but it didn’t), let’s just pretend I said his name to SMENZEL SMASHINGTON. Good day, sir (and ma’ams)!