Like. A lot a lot. Because I’ve lived a lot of places.

Random stuff, like:
Coconut Bras
Shot glasses
The world’s largest wrench. (Don’t ask)
A toboggan (This was the most fun I ever had with my clothes on. Not lying*)

But some of my favorite stuff is stuff that my mommy gives. It’s important! And OLD! And HISTORY!

Poll Tax

*Teacher Briya voice*
(I’m kidding. I don’t have a teacher voice)
*pushes up glasses*

This here is a receipt for a poll tax.
Poll Taxes were used as a way to keep black folks from voting. Along with bullshit laws like grandfather clauses, literacy tests and intimidation (No, people still aren’t trying to scare people away from the polls, why do you ask?).

SO. This ISN’T a BHFOTD. This is just a copy of a poll tax receipt used so that this person, who is most probably black, whom I may or MAY NOT (mommy WTF did you get this from?) be related to was like HA MOTHERFUCKER, I WILL PAY YOUR FUNKYASS POLL TAX SO THAT I CAN VOTE.

WHY THIS IS IMPORTANT: Because today is National Voter Registration Day!
With all the random fuckery happening these days all over the country,the best way to express your displeasure with the current events is to VOTE. Vote because not even 100 years ago, this right was denied to A LOT OF FUCKING PEOPLE.

Vote people in who care, Vote out people who don’t.
You care about an issue? VOTE.

The best way to tell the people in charge FUCK YOU AND THE HORSE YOU RODE IN ON
Is to stick it in a ballot box.

Okay. That’s today’s not BHFOTD. I’m hopping down off my soap box. See you the next time I decide to post random ramblings about whatever I randomly ramble about!
*I love all of the music guys. And since I write the facts, I pick the music. And there’s (almost) ALWAYS music, and you know why.