(This one is a gimme, y’all)

When I was a teenager, I hated catching the bus. I mean HATED.

Couldn’t wait to drive.
And now that I drive. I wish I could catch the bus, because I hate driving.
But I also hate waiting. And strangers. And strangers that sit too close on the bus.
Or strangers that stand in front of you so that you either have to stare directly at their junk or stare off into the distance wishing that person got a charlie horse in their dangly bits.
NO. I’m not speaking from experience. Why do you ask?

Public transportation. It’s the best. And also the worst.

Speaking of the worst (of humanity, that is) on this date in 1955, was the beginning of the Montgomery Bus Boycott.
WELL. TECHNICALLY, December 2nd was the day they borned the idea to boycott, and created fliers for distribution in places that black people hung out. But that ACTUAL boycott started Today. In 1955.
It lasted 381 days.

The flier read: “Another Negro woman has been arrested and thrown in jail because she refused to get up out of her seat on the bus for a white person to sit down. It is the second time since the Claudette Colvin case that a Negro woman has been arrested for the same thing. This has to be stopped. Negroes have rights, too, for if Negroes did not ride the buses, they could not operate.”

Blah blah blah, Bus stuff…THEN goes on to say… “If we do not do something to stop these (murders of unarmed black men)arrests, they will continue. The next time it may be you, or your (son) daughter, or (husband/father) mother.”

It’s been 119 days.

Normally this is the kinda BHFOTD I’d ignore, FOR OBVIOUS REASONS.

Love y’all!