I feel like it bears mentioning that some of the people I love most are in law enforcement.
They are fair, and respectful, and kind in ways that I am not.
And I think that they picked careers that are perfect for them because they want to do good.
Because they believe in service.
I personally don’t love people enough to want to deal with the fuckery that they have to.

I commend them ‘cause they are the kind of people that law enforcement should be.

I say all that to say it’s not an either/or situation.
You can support law enforcement who are decent people
and doing good things in the community,
and still be critical of the bully boys, racists, and assholes.
Some of you need to realize that.

It’s not fuck ALL the police.
It’s fuck the police who murder with impunity.
Fuck the police who hide behind their badges.
Fuck the police who think that some lives matter less than others.
And fuck the system that does not punish or police the police when they are wrong.

Being in law enforcement does not exclude you from the law.
It shouldn’t give you a “get out jail free card”
Your jobs are ones of service.
You should and NEED to be held accountable for your actions in the course of your job.
You should be disciplined for behaving badly.

And if you unable/unwilling to serve and protect your communities then you should quit.
Or be fired.

The People deserve better.
ALL of them.

(even the black ones)