Welcome, welcome WELCOME to this year’s Black History Facts of the Day.
Another year, another February, another time for me to tell y’all about stuff black people do, did, and sometimes had done to them. Are you excited kids?

TOO BAD. You signed up for this, so you’re stuck.
Anyways, how y’all been? Good? Y’all been enjoying/resigning yourself to random BHFOTDs that I post just to keep y’all on your toes?

So did uh…anybody watch the game yesterday?
I did. And lemme just say: I am a New England Patriot hater. And USUALLY, I want all the bad things in life to happen to Tom Brady, and nobody but him.

But TODAY, I’m currently wishing that Pete Carroll gets ALL the bad things because WHY THE FUCK WOULD YOU CALL THAT PLAY, PETER?
EVER. That includes that USC Bullshit that you pulled, sir. FUCK YOU* AND THE TEENY TINY HORSE YOU RODE IN ON.

*AHEM* I’m back. As you can see I have FEELINGS about Pete Carroll. AND ALL OF THEM ARE ANGRY.

Moving Along!
It’s the day after the Super Bowl, I guess it would be a good time to talk about BLACK PEOPLE IN FOOTBALL.
And because I’m tired, because football + whiskey + 2 hour ride (I’m not a great passenger, I’ll admit it) I’ll keep this quick.

Y’all know I LOVE to start of Black History with firsts, so here you go!

DID YOU KNOW that Seattle Seahawk Russell Carrington Wilson (born in 1988 and is NOT related to Wilson, the ball makers. I bet HIS balls are fully inflated. His FOOTBALLS. You know what? Nevermind) led the Seahawks to its FIRST EVER Super Bowl victory in 2013.


Russell Wilson was born the year that Johnny Grier became the FIRST EVER African-American referee in the history of the NFL with the start of the 1988 NFL season.
Grier has officiated in one Super Bowl, Super Bowl XXII in 1988, which was his last game as a field judge (which apparently is different than a ref)


THE SAME YEAR in which Doug Williams became the first African-American quarterback to win the Super Bowl (Washington Racial Slurs** (42) vs. Denver Broncos (10)).

….And the green grass grows all around all around and the green grass grows all around.

So that’s it for today kids.

The NFL has been around since 1920 and black people have been playing in it since the beginning (more or less. Because racists gonna try to keep black players from playing because of racists coaches and also because the Great Depression led to an increase in racism and segregation until finally some (black) people pointed out the NFL didn’t have any black players and that they needed to abide by the 1896 Supreme Court decision, Plessy v. Ferguson, by not leasing the stadium to a segregated team…*cough* race? )
And it took 68 years to have ONE Black referee. And then ANOTHER 20 YEARS before Mike Carey was the FIRST African American designated as referee of Super Bowl XLII between the New England Patriots (17) vs New York Giants (14).

WOO. PROGRESS. (*side eye*)

*Wouldn’t be a Black History fact without song, right?
**Y’all. I need somebody to make me a t-shirt that says Washington Racial Slurs. I’d wear THEFUCK outta that shirt. FOR REALS.