Shaddup. I am too.


Did I ever tell you that Nesto tried to get me to join the Marine Corps? Because recruiters love it when you do their work for them and sucker one of your friends into joining with you on some buddy plan BS(plus I’m a black woman AND I took the ASVAB and as long as I didn’t wanna touch their planes I probably coulda wrote my own ticket), only:

  1. I’m hard headed and never would’ve made it1 through boot camp. #idowhatiwant
  2. I was pregnant with Adam.
  3. Honestly, I’m not crazy enough to have joined the Marine Corps. Yes. They are all crazy. All.
  4. IF I were go into the military, I would have chosen the Air Force.

And they woulda had to take me too, because…

On today’s date in 1981 (Nineteen hundred and eighty-one which is only 35 years ago), The Air Force Academy drops its ban on applicants with sickle cell trait.

I have no idea why this would be considered a Black History Fact. I’m sure it’s just coincidence that the sickle cell trait is most common among African Americans2.

Relatedly, or maybe not: Isn’t it interesting how you can discriminate against an entire people without ever specifically mentioning them?

Like say…banning a country’s citizens without EVER mentioning that the most people from that country practice specific religion?

And just like that, we’ve gotten through the first week of Black History Month! Happy Friday! See y’all on Monday!

  1. Doing what I want includes sticking random gospel songs in places you don’t expect. Jesus is everywhere, guys. Even in my BHFOTDs. But not boot camp. Boot camp is hell.
  2. As agreed comic sans = sarcasm font