SO. I haven’t really been watching Pro Football this year.
[forever a USC Trojan fan]
For probably all the reasons you expect.
But it’s the SUPER BOWL, right?

I begrudgingly watched it, because it’s customary to dig out a BHFOTD from it every year.
[but did not watch one single minute of the halftime show because EFF JT. NO Janet! No Peace!]
[I just really never liked him or his music – yeah, I said it! – additionally he’s a culture vulture AND he was tryna have a hologram of Prince at his show even though Prince SPECIFICALLY stated he would not like that AND I heard (because I ain’t watch) that he played the song that he and Janet performed that got HER banned AND SO for real, EFF THAT GUY]

Anyways, So I’m watchin’. Oh Look! There’s state sponsored propaganda*!
I mean, Medal of Honor Recipients Participating in The Coin Toss! (Ahem)
Fifteen people. Here’s most of them.

medal of honor

Don’t fret guys, the ones not pictured are ALSO white.

Which brings me to today’s BHFOTD:

Did you know that No African American was awarded a Medal of Honor either during World War II or immediately afterwards with respect to their actions during that conflict? Probably not related, but ALSO: Did you know that segregation ended in the military in 1948?

This changed in 1992 when a study conducted by Shaw University and commissioned by the U.S. Dept. of Defense and the United States Army asserted that systematic racial discrimination had been present in the criteria for awarding medals during the war. After an exhaustive review of files the study recommended that several of the Distinguished Service Crosses awarded to African Americans be upgraded to the Medal of Honor. On January 13, 1997, more than fifty years after the end of the war, President Bill Clinton awarded the Medal to seven African American World War II veterans. Vernon Baker was the only living recipient—the other six men had been killed in action or died in the intervening years.

On March 18, 2014 following a review of 23 other Citations of Hispanic, and Jewish soldiers that may have been passed over for the Medal of Honor due to their race or religion, former Special Forces soldier Melvin Morris, an African American was selected to be included into the review in order to allow his Distinguished Service Cross (DSC) Medal, which is the United States Army’s second highest award for combat valor to be upgraded to the Medal of Honor (MOH) the Nation’s highest decoration for courage in combat.

Yes. I really did dig up a picture of our black president giving a black man his long overdue medal of honor. Because ALL BLACK EVERYBODY.

And that’s today’s fact. It’s short (for the most part) because I have stuff to do and I can’t do it if I’m writing 12 page long facts every day. Happy Monday, people!


* casual reminder that the United States Coast Guard and the Pentagon PAID the NFL to publicly honor the military during sporting events. and that if you want to take the politics out of sports you could maybe start there.