I took Monday off because I spent all weekend watching (and occasionally sleeping through) Oscar Best Picture nominated movies.
It’s tradition.

I used to do it at the movies theater, because some movie theaters offer a chance to see all the Best Pic noms back to back
They USED to let you bring in food which is awesome because I’m not eatin’ movie hot dogs, cardboard pizza and candy for 12-ish hours.
But then they stopped because “buy our shitty overpriced food you guys, no more B.Y.O.”
AND THEN, a friend started hosting movie madness at her house which meant I could really eat whatever I want
(and by that I mean WHATEVER SHE COOKS, PLUS ALL THE DRINKS) …and wear pjs
AND BRING MY FAVORITE BLANKET. Yes. I do all of those things. Because that’s what being grown is really about.

Anyways. There were a LOT of movies.
But apparently not a lot of actors.
You ever watch a movie and then realize that RANDOM DUDE was in the movie you just saw?
Yeah. That was us this weekend.
Isn’t that…
…The brother in Get Out as the Billboard guy in that other movie?
…The guy in Lady Bird is the brother in Three Billboards movie?
…That dude in Lady Bird is that kid in Call Me by Your Name?
…The Dad from Call Me By Your Name is the doctor from Shape of Water is that dude from The Post?

It was like playing the easiest game of six degrees ever.
If the actor was not black. Which. They weren’t (for the most part. We’re just talking Best Picture, here) I mean, Oscars may not be #SOWHITE but they are definitely still #WHITE-ISH

MY two cents (and that’s probably all it’s really worth) is that Get Out should win Best Picture. It’s well written, and horrifying and a pretty interesting take on race relations
Which honestly why I don’t think it will win.

But that’s not going to stop me from tossing you a gimme on Jordan Peele.
Because days off means that I come back to a bajillion emails and a ton of work to catch up on*

*opens Wikipedia page*

Peele rose to fame starring in the Comedy Central sketch series Key & Peele and for five seasons as a cast member on Mad TV. In 2014, he had a recurring role in the first season of the FX anthology series Fargo, based on the 1996 film of the same name.

Peele had a career breakthrough in 2017 with his solo directorial debut, the horror film Get Out, which earned critical acclaim and was a box office success. He received numerous accolades, including Academy Award nominations for Best Director, Best Picture, and Best Original Screenplay, becoming just the third person to receive the three nominations for a debut film, and the first black person to receive them for any one film. He also earned the Bingham Ray Breakthrough Director Award at the 2017 Gotham Independent Film Awards and nominations for a DGA Award and BAFTA for Best Original Screenplay.

*closes Wikipedia page*

I really do be lazy AF sometimes. But I toldja the important part, so my work here is done.


*but because whenever I come back to a pile of work to do, I tend to get caught up in nonsense, how does everyone feel about a quick round of six degrees of Jordan Peele featuring all the black nominees for this year?

(For the sake of brevity – Dee Rees/Virgil Williams/ Mary J. Blige are all from Mudbound, so Mary J it is!)

Common (Marshall, Best Music/Original Song) was in The Odd Life of Timothy Green w/ Ron Livingston who was in Pretty Persuasion w/ Octavia Spencer (The Shape of Water, First black actress to be nominated twice after previously winning. First black actress to be nominated two years in a row.)

Octavia was ALSO in Paradise w/ Russel Brand who was in Rock of Ages w/ Mary J Blige (Mudbound, First black woman to receive multiple noms in the same year, First PERSON to be nominated for acting and writing an original song in the same year, her nomination made Dee Rees the first black woman to direct a film in which an actor was nominated for an Oscar)

Who was in Black Nativity w/ Nas who was in John Q w/ Denzel Washington (Roman J Israel, Esq. , Best Actor, Most nominations for a black actor)

And Denzel was in Cry Freedom w/ Louis Mahoney who was in Jonah with Daniel Kaluuya who starred in Get Out (2nd British actor to be nominated for Best Actor) w/ Ian Casselberry who was in Keanu with Jordan Peele, who ALSO wrote and directed Get Out, but I always get carried away on these things so looks like they got more than one connection.

And the green grass grows all around all around and the green grass grows all around.


Okie Doke folks. ONE MORE DAY of learnin’ about some black people and stuff black people are STILL doing. See you tomorrow!