Which means that y’all ain’t getting’ another fact until Monday.


I KNOW. How effing DARE me?

Short answer: I DO WHAT I WANT.

Long Answer:

Every year for the last few years I’ve been taking some time off to watch the Oscar’s Best Picture Nominated flicks with friends.

That’s right, you guys. I have friends. SURPRISE!

What does that mean exactly?

It means that instead of harassing y’all with black history facts, I’m gonna be watching movies with little to no black people

Because the Oscars continue to be SO SO WHITE. (And also very male, but I’m totally not here for this. RIGHT NOW)




Because even though today’s BHFOTD IS about the Oscars, I still managed to find the blackest thing I could find about it.

Which is that in 1971, Isaac Hayes was the first African American to win an Oscar in a non-acting category: Best Original Song*.

He was ALSO the first person to write and perform an Oscar winning song during the televised ceremony.

What song, you ask? The “Theme from Shaft” from the blaxploitation film, um…*checks notes* Shaft.


I don’t think you can get blacker than that guys. So anyway, that’s today’s fact.

See you guys Monday with possibly ANOTHER Oscar BHFOTD if I can pull one out of all this whiteness.

Who knows?

[I know you’re thinking EYE do, but even though I keep saying Imma plan these out, I don’t, so honestly I won’t know until Monday rolls around]

But until then. Please enjoy this picture of Isaac Hayes looking like your mama’s favorite rapper. You’re welcome in advance.


[No. I am not sorry]




*I feel like there’s an inappropriate joke in there about the only other category where there are a large amount of black Oscar winners are in music (including my faves Oscar winners 3 six mafia) but *squints* I’m not gonna make it. TODAY. (Month’s not over folks. There’s a pretty good chance I’ll make it before the month is over)