My mother loves to watch Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune, which means that if I want to sit in the same room with her I ALSO will be watching Jeopardy and the Wheel of Fortune. Last night I was exhausted per usual because I’VE HAD A STRESSFUL PANDEMIC YEAR AND THIS MFER IS STILL GOING AND I AM HITTING A WALL OKAY, but I still decided to watch some Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune, or at least be in the room on my phone while it was happening.

Anyway. Yesterday there was a Black Person™ on Jeopardy I am always surprised when there’s a random Black Person on Jeopardy because let’s just be honest and say there just isn’t a lot of Black folks on that show for WHATEVER THE REASON. Which is also kinda like the fact that Jeopardy questions about Black People (Places, Things)™ are ALSO pretty scarce on that show, and whenever there ARE questions, everyone looks like fucking deer caught in the headlights and I wonder why it is that people are supposed to know about Thorton Wilder but not today’s BHFOTD who was in the SAME DAMN CATEGORY. It’s on the tip of my tongue but I just can’t qu(wh)ite put my finger on it.

I wasn’t really paying attention but heard the question to the answer was “Who is KENDRICK LAMAR*?”

Me, not looking up: Who answered that?

Her: The Black man. The other two people didn’t even PRETEND to go for the buzzer.

The answer: Here he is after leaving the luncheon after accepting his 2018 Pulitzer Prize, for his album Damn. The recording was the first musical work not in the jazz or classical genres to win the prize.

Ta-da! It is possible to keep things short and sweet (like me) BUT I DON’T because dragging these out and making you trying to figure out WTF I’m hiding the damn fact is part of the fun!

Happy Friday! Hope you’re gonna do something relaxing like not stress over the Wheel of Fortune answers because honestly sometimes I really wonder WTF do they come up with their People, Places and Things and WHY do they give you standard letters for the puzzle and then not use any of those mfers in the puzzle.

See you next week for the last installment of Black People™ Doing Stuff, and Being Places.

*ALSO: K-Dot was a previous answer to a Jeopardy question and Damn..