Today is one of these days where I wanna talk about me. Like, I love dropping random songs into my facts. I also love corny jokes (which most of y’all know) I am a number nerd. I LOOOOVE numbers (And numerology! Because numbers! FOR INSTANCE. Yesterday was 2/2/22. Yes. I was very excited about this. So many 2s! DID Y’ALL KNOW that the number 2 is about partnerships? The balance of 2 individual people, concepts, or things. A yin and yang, if you will. OR, in the context of what I’m doing here BLACK AND WHITE.

What does being a number weirdo have to do with any of this? WELL. Yesterday while I was not sending a new fact, I saw a fact that happened yesterday and I was slightly sad that I didn’t send it yesterday because also happened on 2/2 but, in 1948. Which lacks 2s. 74* years ago. But then I said to myself: I can send/write this tomorrow! Because I run this show and I run it on black people time.

ANYWAY Did you know that 74 years ago Harry Truman sent a special message to Congress about Civil rights?  AND BECAUSE I CARE, I read the whole message and it’s a lot (ahem. That’s what she said?), and because I know we don’t all have the bandwidth to read a bunch of bullsh*t, I mean…the entire message, Imma just…. Give y’all some cliff notes, because while TECHNICALLY I’m not writing this fact, Imma show my work because I don’t want y’all thinking I just be out here cutting and pasting all willy nilly.

Y’all ready to get into today’s fact?

AHEM :::pushes up glasses and cracks knuckles:::

By 1947 the question of black civil rights in the South** had become a national issue when a committee President Harry S. Truman appointed to study the issue called for legislation which among other things would to protect voting rights for Southern blacks and provide federal protection against lynching.  In response to the report President Truman sent a special message to Congress on the issue on February 2, 1948.  That message, the first by a sitting president to address the question of black civil rights, is linked here because I know ain’t nobody finna read all that.

The Beginning of the message:

To the Congress of the United States:

In the State of the Union Message on January 7, 1948, I spoke of five great goals toward which we should strive in our constant effort to strengthen our democracy and improve the welfare of our people. The first of these is to secure fully our essential human rights. I am now presenting to the Congress my recommendations for legislation to carry us forward toward that goal.

This Nation was founded by men and women who sought these shores that they might enjoy greater freedom and greater opportunity than they had known before. The founders of the United States proclaimed to the world the American belief that all men are created equal, and that governments are instituted to secure the inalienable rights with which all men are endowed. In the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States, they eloquently expressed the aspirations of all mankind for equality and freedom.

These ideals inspired the peoples of other lands, and their practical fulfillment made the United States the hope of the oppressed everywhere. Throughout our history men and women of all colors and creeds, of all races and religions, have come to this country to escape tyranny and discrimination. Millions strong, they have helped build this democratic Nation and have constantly reinforced our devotion to the great ideals of liberty and equality. With those who preceded them, they have helped to fashion and strengthen our American faith—a faith that can be simply stated:

We believe that all [white] men are created equal and that they have the right to equal justice under law. *Please note that I ADDED white here because I think it was there originally? I am only 3/5ths confident that I’m correct though.

We believe that all white men have the right to freedom of thought and of expression and the right to worship as they please.

We believe that all white men are entitled to equal opportunities for jobs, for homes, for good health and for education.

We believe that all white men should have a voice in their government and that government should protect, not usurp, the rights of the people.

These are the basic civil rights which have historically only been offered to white men are the source and the support of our democracy.

Today, the American white people enjoy more freedom and opportunity than ever before. Never in our history has there been better reason to hope for the complete realization of the ideals of liberty and equality. HAHAHAHAHA…*serious face*

I could stop here (and I promise, he had SO MUCH MORE TO SAY and I really don’t know why considering the Reverend Doctor Martin Luther (thee) King Jr’s Montgomery Bus Boycott was in 1955 so clearly not a damn thang had changed between now and then), but I will not! Or at least, I’m not just gonna stop talking. Imma wrap this up all cute for y’all because already this is longer than I would like. [Yes. I am definitely stopping myself from saying something deeply inappropriate here]

BACK TO THIS MESSAGE: He goes on to say that This is Not Who America Is™. Okay, he didn’t. He said that something about achieving the ideals that this Nation was founded on so long ago and well.  I’m pretty sure these statements are Separate but Equal(ly offensive statements to Black People) in meaning. He said other stuff that I don’t feel like getting into about providing statehood for Hawaii and Alaska, and equalizing the opportunities for residents to become naturalized citizens (WHEW, CHILE), and settling evacuation claims of Japanese-Americans (again, Not My Lane)

He ends with this:

If we wish to inspire the peoples of the world whose freedom is in jeopardy, if we wish to restore hope to those who have already lost their civil liberties, if we wish to fulfill the promise that is ours, we must correct the remaining imperfections in our practice of democracy.

We know the way. We need only the will.

And ALL I’m going to say about that is that nothing. Imma just gently place this tweet down and you can read into that what you will.

*Also I guess I can’t say that I’m into numbers and numerology without pointing out that 74 years is really 7+4 that is really 11 which is technically 1+1 which equals. Two. SO MANY 2’S YESTERDAY!

BUT THREE IS ALWAYS GONNA BE THE MAGIC NUMBER. I know. I am definitely insane. But it’s also why these facts are so much fun.