I haven’t really been watching (the first/last game I saw were the games that decided who was going to the Super Bowl) because honestly the NFL is just RIDICULOUS and I’m tired. But also whew did y’all see Brandy sang the National Anthem ( not MY National Anthem, but yannow, Brandy be SINGING singing)? So nice to see a hometown girl, sing for her hometown football team.

Anyway. I totally don’t know where I want to go with this since IN THEORY this is just the warm up BHFOTD before the Super Bowl BHFOTD because SURPRISINGLY, there is always a fact tucked away in these football games even though the football is just lousy with black people that play football. Play. Not coach. To date there is exactly 1.5 Head Black Coaches (they fired Houston Texans and Brian Flores. And they replaced Brian Flores with Mike McDaniel who identifies* as a Human Being but has a Black Father, and chile, I guess. He said HE ain’t no diversity hire).

Do I want to talk about Kenny Washington?  The first Black man to sign a contract with a National Football League (NFL) team in the modern (post-World War II) era (1946). When the Cleveland Rams moved to Los Angeles, Los Angeles said if you want to pay in the Coliseum that was paid for by the public and that includes the Black public, we better see some Black people playing some football.

Or maybe Greg Coleman? The first Black punter for the NFL; he was drafted by the Cincinnati Bengals. Though the Bengals drafted him, Coleman never played a single game with them. He started his career with the Cleveland Browns in 1977. Strangely enough, there have only been 5 black kickers. Turns out that like coaches, it’s just so hard to find blacks for this position.

SO. MANY. CHOICES. I could even talk about the SIXTY EIGHT YEARS between the first Black head coach, Fritz Pollard (1921) and the SECOND Black head coach, Art Shell (1989). Shit. For all of that Art Shell is the second FIRST coach ’cause DANG.

But I’m not. Imma just tell y’all that today while I was looking for something to talk about I found all of this AND I found out that Snoop dogg and Brandy (and I guess, Ray J) are first cousins.

*I also just want to point out that the REASON Mike McDaniel “identifies” as Human and not Black is because whether or not he said it out loud, he is white passing Very Well Aware of how they treat Black people here in ‘murica. I started to say contiguous states because honestly, saying that these states are united is…quite a stretch, but I guess they are firmly united in their racism, so I guess there’s that.