I like our neighbors a lot. They’re nice people. They are the son and daughter-in-law of the man who has owned that house since I was 5 years old or so. I know that because that’s about how old I was when I moved into the house next door. Which is coincidentally the house that I currently live in. 

They moved in a few years ago. It took some time to get used to them. Because the neighbor who lived there prior to them had been living there for 20ish years.  She had an asthma attack, and didn’t have enough time to call 911. It was pretty terrible, I have to say. But that’s all I’m gonna say, because that’s not what this story is about really. And also talking about it still makes me cry. 

So back to what I was saying. Our neighbors have kids. Really adorable ones. The daughter is 3. She’s very shy. Sorta. If I happen to be outside when she is, she’ll only say hello from behind her mama’s legs. But if I’m outside and she’s inside, she’ll talk my ear off from the window. She knows my name, wants to know what I’m doin’…she asks about Nesto because my husband is some kinda baby magnet. Which is kinda hilarious, because people are always telling me he’s intimidating. I guess they’ve never seen him in his kangaroo outfit. 

The baby just had his 1st birthday. He’s a BIG BOY. And is definitely the more outgoing of the two of them. The other day when I got home from work, they were all outside. The baby girl waved at me safely from the porch. The boy crawled over and pulled up some grass to give me. And I have to say, I fell in love with him a little bit. He’s so sweet, in the way that babies are. Friendly and happy and one of those babies that are willing to let you pick them up and snuggle because BABY.

Fun fact! This baby was born in that house. His mom had that (9 lb something oz) baby at home in the bathroom because she didn’t have time to get to the hospital. In fact, by the time the ambulance arrived, she was already holding a baby.

I like to tell this story. I will probably always remember this story about these neighbors and that house. It makes me happy to know that a birth happened in that house. I feel like it was a reset button. A death, and then a birth.

I know. I’m not generally all in my feelings. But apparently it was a story I wanted/needed/decided to tell.Life goes on. Even when you don’t think it will, or think it can’t, it does.

Maybe I needed a reminder. Maybe *you* do. Here it is!