At band camp I had to mail Spanky a package overseas (because she likes to wait until the last minute to tell me that she needs something and “could you please mail it to me, mommy, right now immediately?) and I worked a couple blocks from this janky ass post office (really it was just a counter and one grumpy dude with a scale, a cash register, and a bin to dump mail in, but whatever. I was really grateful because getting to the post office when you work where I work is HARD TO DO because they’re mostly closed by the time I get off work, so only having to walk a block or so on my lunch was clutch) and my co-worker asked me to pick her up some stamps. 100 of them. Because apparently she still REGULARLY mails things out. She gave me $40. Which SHOULD have been enough, but apparently stamps have gone up by A LOT. So I got her as much as $40 would get her and brought back change. I got her the most ridiculous stamps that they had because if you send me to do something you should expect that I’m going to find a way to embarrass you if at all possible, ESPECIALLY since they didn’t have any black history stamps which is basically what this whole rambling e-mail is about:

On April 7, 1940, the Post Office Department (POD) issued a stamp honoring African-American educator Booker T. Washington (founder of Tuskegee Normal and Industrial Institute, now called Tuskegee University, and former dinner guest of President Theodore Roosevelt) as part of its Famous Americans Series. He was the nation’s first stamp to honor an African American.

TA DAAAA!!!! Sometimes I keep it simple. But only because I’m busy and got too much to do to be writing long ass paragraphs before I get to my point.

But. Because I care (and I hate the post office), I would like you to know that you can NOW make your OWN stamps. Of anything you like. Mailed directly to you. ORIGINALLY, I power puffed myself and I was gonna turn THAT into my stamp because LOOK. AT. IT.


It’s so cute! It even has my kitty!

But then I remembered it’s Black History Month so I changed my mind: