My sister loves to sing, you guys.
LOVES. Which is nice, I guess, because she’s pretty good at it.
But also terrible because this means she makes me go to karaoke a LOT.
Less than she used to because she’s fancy and works all the time, but still.
She ain’t one to turn down karaoke night especially if Monday is a holiday.
(Her fave spot has karaoke on SUNDAY NIGHTS FFS. What kinda don’t-y’all-know-I’m-old-and-need-my-sleep-BULLSHIT is that?!)


The fun thing about going is that my sister occasionally picks fairly random songs.
Like FAME. That song is 30 damn years old. At least.
I really think she picks it because of the Debbie Allen quote:
“You’ve got big dreams? You want fame? Well, fame costs. And right here is where you start paying … in sweat.”
(my sissie is better than yours so extra, y’all. I dunno where she gets it)

Why am I poking at my sister and her musical selections? Because it’s what I do. (Aside from praise. Apparently that’s also what I do. No? FINE).
So, anyways, Fame was on last night! Apparently Turner Classic Movie Channel is showing Oscar movies this month! In alphabetical order*
(Thanks Momo, for providing this very important information)

ALSO: Did you know that Irene Cara (Afro-Latina) helped make history at the Academy Awards the year Fame came out? it was the first time two songs from the same film were nominated in the same category and both sung by the same artist. AND. Cara had the opportunity to be one of the few singers to perform more than one song at the Oscar ceremony.

Well now you do.

See you tomorrow folks!


*In case you’re interested, tonight’s musical is 42nd street. You’re welcome!