LONG, LONG ago you could go see ALLL the Oscars’ Best Picture nominated films in the movie theater in ONE DAY AND you could wear pajama pants, and bring in your favorite blankie/pillow and you could bring in food which was AWESOME, because what I’m NOT finna do is eat popcorn and movie theater hot dogs or somehow soggy but burnt pepperoni pizza for $25 dollars a pop, PLUS try to stretch a $20 for a 16-ounce bottle of water for 12 hours.

But then, the Powers That Be ™ voted to expand Best Picture category to a possible 10 movies, which okay, great, look at all these movies we can now nominate for Best Picture (except A Serious Man, I’ll never forgive The Academy for that movie. I’m clearly not deep enough for that movie and I am unashamed of this). THEN they extended the movie watching to TWO WHOLE DAYS of watching movies PLUS no more bringing in your own snacks, you gotta eat this same bullshit we’re feeding everybody else (unless you leave the theater, which YOU COULD DO, but still) for 12-ish hours per day because also watching two days of movies is a LOT OF FUCKING MOVIES and A LOT OF FUCKING TIME.

But this is LA, and who among us does not know a person, who knows a person, who has a friend whose cousin/sibling/best friend’s mom/partner/uncle has access to screeners or some other way to view Best Picture nominated movies? AND, why would I go to a movie theater if I can talk some friends into taking a mini vacation, renting an airBnB , and watching all of the Best Pics in my comfiest pjs/sweats from the comfort of somebody else’s couch complete with all the food and drinks you can have?

And that is how Oscar Movie Madness ™ was borned! Because I’m lazy! And cheap! (But not too cheap because DAMN DO THESE BITCHES KNOW HOW TO DRINK)

Anyway. Last year for Oscar Movie Madness, I did a WHOLE ENTIRE POST on The Black Panther and all the black history it made. But guys. This black ass movie, with all these black ass actors also became the first superhero movie to be in the running for Best Picture!

AND. THAT ISN’T EVEN THE FACT YOU GUYS. The fact is that Ruth E. Carter, costume designer, is the first Black person to be nominated for best costume design (1993: Malcolm X, 1998: Amistad, 2019: Black Panther).

That’s the fact. It only took me 421 words to get to it. But because I’ve been in and out of the office, I had more work, so I had less time to give y’all a fact BUT ALSO, the facts that y’all get after my ridiculous vacations are gimmes for the most part because i always have so much to do when I get back AND I’m more than likely tired because I NEED VACATIONS FROM MY VACATIONS.

So. While I could go on and on about Ruth E. Carter and how the first black person (woman) to win an Oscar sat at a segregated table in 1939 and 80 years later there are still black people (*cough*women*cough*) who are about to kick in other doors that have previously shut to them, I won’t. Today. Because I don’t have time. And by don’t have time, I mean that I am just WAITING to brag on her/him/whoever AS SOON AS THEY PUT THE OSCAR IN THEIR HANDS.